End the Silence, End the Violence Chapter 6: Austin, Texas 1983-1984: I Survived RAPE by Neil de Grasse Tyson; The Blue Lotus Speaks!

Today is October 8, 2014. 30 years. Today there was an eclipse, during the Ra Aspolia   Pi Cot Sahu (Full Moon and Portal of Djehuty (Sun in Sidereal Virgo, Moon in PIsces, Mercury Retrograde). Kinda intense when you really sit bak and take it all in. Tomorrow, Set (Mars, Ego) has an appointment with Master healer Imhotep (Mars enters Ophiuchus: tome for healing from sexual trauma, time for conquering lower nature, etc).

All this to say that this posting is in alignment with the Divine Natural Right Order. Although I know this is the right decision, it has been difficult to take action, because I know this monster is loved by so many of you. However, in order to maintain my own well being, peace of mind, sanity, longevity, positivity, peaceful relationships, health, happiness, self love and self trust, in order to elimnate blocks to my own abundance and prosperity, it has become impossible to keep silent anymore. I continue to wonder if he is still hurting women, children or men. It is also important for me to speak out NOW because it is important for ALL people that have been sexually violated in any way to stand up and speak out if we want this type of cruelty to cease.

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So what prompted this, besides the eclipse that I missed and other celestial alignments? First, I saw this video on unworthiest.com. Many Thanks for the conscious and positive messages they promote…..
Thank you The Third Pew!!!

Why rape is never a mistake

I agree with everything this young man has said, and I pray that everyone that is reading this takes the time to view the video. If you think you do not have time, here is the transcript from unworthiest.com,  TRANSCRIPT:Show Transcript
and here are some highlights:

“Today I’m going to try to prepare you for how to react when more of this stuff comes out as time goes on. Number one, don’t accept their apology because everyone makes mistakes.”

“Most people know that rape is wrong without the help of their parents, but if anyone else is watching that are totally confused. Yes, rape is wrong. If you’re admitting to doing something this serious, don’t try partially justifying your actions at all. If you’re going to apologize, apologize. Say that what you did was completely wrong. Don’t try to make anyone feel sorry for you.”

“You don’t say forgive and forget in a situation like rape.”

“Number two, don’t blame the victim. “But she shouldn’t have gone to his house in the first place.” No. “If she didn’t want that to happen why did she…?” Nope! “This is what happens when you wear something like that.” What?”

“Number three, to the YouTubers, I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in front of a camera this year and talked about how much good you can do with your power. It should be common sense that you can change these people’s lives in a positive way rather than practically begging for naked pictures from fans who are as young as 13.”

“If I was a parent, I would be terrified to find out that my daughter, the people who she idolizes could not only be sexual abusers but could try to take advantage of her if she just goes to a meet-and-greet. This isn’t normal and as a community we cannot accept this as being the norm. ”

“As we move forward, please keep this conversation going and please remember that we should have zero tolerance for these kinds of people. And last but not the least, please remember that you do not have to defend someone to your death, just because they’re really cute, have a nice hair, or because their chubby-bunny challenge was really funny.”

Please keep these points in mind as you learn the rest of my story…..

then the very next video that games up, also on unworthiest.com,  this is when I knew it was time. My commentary will tell my story…..Today, I end the silence, and I end the violence in my life, and in the lives of all women and children, and all pure souls that are preyed upon by ignorance and unrighteousness. May all who speak out on behalf of MAAT be aware of their own powerful protection, and have no fear. As the line from Jahman in Countryman goes:”That is why there is no need to fear the wicked. Just lead them to face death, and they will perish.”                          

This is the video that came up next. This is the monster I have been protecting for 30 years. I no longer am afraid of the consequences of revealing this truth. Just think of me as Ammit: the Goddess that devours the hearts of the unrighteous at the Scale of Maat! I am leading hi to face death…. the death of his deception and illusion.


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Here is the video. Then read my comments below…


Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Give A Killer Answer To The Question Parents Ask Him All The Time at unworthiest.com

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want Scientifically Literate Children? Get Out of Their Way. on yotube.com



Tyson in apt 1984

Tyson in apt 1984


What would you say to my parents if I had told them when it had happened that you had slipped me a mickey and that you raped me while I was unconscious? What would you say to them now if they were still alive? What will you say to your wife, the woman that was on the phone as you handed me the water to drink, in a cup made out of account shell? Do you have any idea how your act of violence affected my life, the lives of my parents, my ex-husband, my daughters, and anyone and veryone that has anything to do with me?

What would you say to your own daughter, if one day she told you that her close friend, who she once loved as her a brother, mentor and friend had slipped her a mickey and raped her?

Don’t you mean COWARD? A Self Hating Coward?
The ONLY way you could EVER be with a Black Goddess, a true Celestial Being, not just one that talks about them, would be by DRUGGING HER, THEN DRAGGING HER TO YOUR BEDROOM, WHILE FULLY UNCONSCIOUS, TAKING OFF HER CLOTHES, AND THEN, WHO KNOWS WHAT WITH HER, OR FOR HOW LONG, WHEN SHE AWAKENS, UNABLE TO MOVE, YOU CONTINUE YOUR DEMONIC ACTS. Is this what you mean by curiosity?

I only recall being at the astronomy department the next day. I do not know how long I was in his apartment. I have no idea how I got back to my apartment. I do not even remember waking up the next day. All I remember is seeing him in the hallway at the astronomy department at UT Austin, and I asked him,  “Why did this happen?” He responded, “We are in this alone, and we are in this together”.


By forcing your way into MY flower, you completely and totaled disrupted my life, the lives hoes and dreams of my parents and the people that loved and cared about me. YOU disrupted the lives of MY daughters, one of which to this day has not spoken to me in 4 years because she cannot forgive me for living with UNDIAGNOSED PTSD FOR HER ENTIRE LIFE. 

Your curiosity caused  a great deal of disorder in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Much like a terrorist attack.

“don’t pluck the petals off the flowers? don;t play with the egg?” that is strange, that is exactly what you did. Is this why you have become the monster that you are? is this your parents fault, because they did not teach you about respect, discipline, righteousness? How can a m,an that claims to be so intelligent be so ignorant?  The Cherokee way: TAKE ONLY WHAT IS GIVEN TO YOU. You obviously believe in the American way: TAKE WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT THAT BELONGS TO ANOTHER, DISRESPECT WOMEN AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. RAPE THEM WHENEVER YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY.

help them explore with binoculars, what are you also a peeping tom?

1:45, yep, you confirmed that question, “First thought is to look in people’s windows.”

You getting the picture now? In case you missed it, I was a grad student in Astronomy at  UT Austin, the sam time that Mr Tyson was there.  I was studying Galactic Astronomy with the de Vaucoleurs. My dream was to become the first Black Female Astronaut. I was like 15 years ahead of Emma Mae Jamison.  I wen to his apartment to visit like I did almost everyday. He was like my big brother, or so I thought.  He offered me a glass of water. I accepted a liquid in a cup made out of a coconut shell. I recall coming back to consciousness briefly, then next thing I remember is seeing him in the hallway the next day. I have lived in this nightmare for 30 years, and it stops today.

I know this will be difficult for many of you to believe, understand or to know. However, know that this is the truth. Those who know me well can attest to the fact that I lived with undiagnosed PTSD of rat least 25 years.

Neil De Grasse Tyson: Sexiest Astrophysicist


As a teenager at New York City’s prestigious Bronx High School of Science, Neil de Grasse Tyson had a surefire strategy for romancing girls: He’d grab his telescope, bring his date to the roof of the nearby apartment building where he lived with his family and promise her the stars. “Rooftops are ideal for exploring both kinds of heavenly bodies,” says Tyson, 42, who later went on to perfect his technique at Harvard. He has since expanded his orbit to include Manhattan’s Hayden Planetarium, where he’s been director since 1995, and Princeton, where he’s a visiting professor of astrophysics. As passionate about earthly pleasures as those celestial, the 6’2″ Tyson indulges his love of wine and gourmet cooking while succumbing to the gravitational pull of his wife of 12 years, mathematical physics Ph.D. Alice Young, 44, who is expecting their second child next month. Oh, sure, says Young, Tyson tried the ol’ stargazing trick on her too. But the rooftop Romeo had met his match. “I’d already taken astrophysics,” she says, “so it wasn’t exotic for me.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Happy to Be a Nerd Sex Symbol 2009

Washington D.C. – February 28, 2014


Memorandum — Establishing a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

NOT ALONE: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault 

Sexual violence is more than just a crime against individuals. It threatens our families, it threatens our communities; ultimately, it threatens the entire country. It tears apart the fabric of our communities. And that’s why we’re here today — because we have the power to do something about it as a government, as a nation. We have the capacity to stop sexual assault, support those who have survived it, and bring perpetrators to justice.

President Barack Obama, January 22, 2014

(Hey I just thought of another synchronicity: President Obama and I are born one day apart: he is August 4, 1961 and I am August 5, 1961. What a difference a day makes…..)

Freedom from sexual assault is a basic human right… a nation’s decency is in large part measured by how it responds to violence against women… our daughters, our sisters, our wives, our mothers, our grandmothers have every single right to expect to be free from violence and sexual abuse.

Vice President Joe Biden, January 22, 2014


Neil Degrasse Tyson on being Black, and Women in Science

He talks about obstacles to reaching his goal of astrophysicist. Did anyone slip him a mickey? Perhaps this was his way of eliminating the competition….what a scam YOU are Mr. Tyson. Equal Opportunity? Have you just conveniently forgotten that sexual assault is rampant on college and university camases, worldwide. How does it feel to know that YOU are the reason there is one less vblack female galactic astronomer on this planet? Yes, YOU. How many freshman students did you give A’s to when they were failing? Were they really failing, or was that just an easy way to get free blow jobs?

This is photo of his apartment, the location of the incident…..

geb with feathers


please share this widely, and leave your comments below.
May the Righteousness of Maat Be Restored Upon the Earth. HOTEP. Peace

Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.


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264 thoughts on “End the Silence, End the Violence Chapter 6: Austin, Texas 1983-1984: I Survived RAPE by Neil de Grasse Tyson; The Blue Lotus Speaks!

  1. Absolutely courageous and healing . Thank you for demonstrations of pure True self LOVE which is the only real protection .Speaking up loud about this man is a powerful personal AND collective universal HEALING.Its time for people to stop praising dangerous people with disgusting behavior .THANK YOU for loving your self and all of creation by not allowing this to be hidden. I will spread this with you and speak loudly and be of support in this way if you need .I know what it feels like to be sexually assaulted raped and then told I shouldn’t have dressed a certain way or something crazy like that .None of that is an excuse for that man to ignore my saying no to him over and over again ! I hear you Amet El Maat and your speaking out is a sound healing frequency for the EARTH !


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  5. Tchiya…I want to give you the biggest hug I have given to date right this moment. What happened to you is unspeakably vile, and this man should have been taught the monstrous error of his ways long ago, not celebrated like some kind of holiday. I am so proud of you for speaking up about your heartbreaking experience, for yourself, and for all the other women who allow the silence that makes their violators into victors. Much love to you, and I wish a powerful peace your way. You are such a beautiful, brilliant human being.

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  6. First of all let me say I know how it feels to have been raped. How disempowering it is. I am like you a person of color. Unlike you I am transgender. In high school I was in PE class and forced to use the mens locker rooms. I would avoid being in them at the same time as the boys or dress and undress in a bathroom stall. One time I was about 15 minutes late and did not know where in the sports complex my class was so I went to look for them. I heard the sound of basketball being played in one of the side gyms, no one else was in that part of the building so I went there to look.

    I saw my rapist playing skins in a shirts vs skins game. As I am attracted to men and he was a very fit upperclassman I admit I may have looked at him with some attraction but that does not excuse what happend.

    He took one look at me, having been on and off hormones I had developed like a girl up to that point… all he saw was a body he wanted to take. Before I knew what happened I was bent over in front of about 3-4 other guys. I begged him not to, even offered to give him oral rather than fuck my ass. He said. “no uh uh… I’m getting this”. Then he spent what had to be the next 30-45 minutes raping me. All I could think was well isn’t this what you wanted? You wanted to be treated like a girl, you wanted to develop like a girl, this is what happens. I completely blamed

    myself and did not tell authorities until a couple years latter.

    That guy did not go down for raping me but he did go down for various drug offenses and got seven years in prison.


    I urge you to take your accusations to civil court.

    Even if it was 30 years ago, there are ways around statues of limitations for smart lawyers. They are not laws of physics or edicts from God. IF Dr. Tyson were to sue you in court for defamation that could open the door to a counter claim by you and a chance to present evidence and get real justice. Without that all this will be treated as is an unfounded accusation.

    I am not saying I don’t believe this could’ve happened. What I am saying, as someone who also knows what it is like to be falsely accused of wrong doing, as so many black people have been, is that the court system is necessary before NDT should be generally condemned as a rapist.

    I hope this leads to a chance for real justice to be done in this case, whatever shape that real justice may take

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    • Greetings. It is difficult to read of another person’s sufferings, and yet it is so liberating to express oneself. It is hard to even know what to say. Saying I am sorry that happened to you almost feels comical. However, I am very sad to read of what happened to you. I do not know what justice looks like in a world where everything is upside down. My journey is not about going to the very same system that benefits from these atrocities. I am expressing myself for healing, to express truth, to help and warn others that may come into his path. It has been most helpful to take the actions and steps that I was unable to go through 30 years ago. I would like to be able to help others go through the same journey. My goal is to serve the Divine, #EndTheSilence, end the violence. My goal is to lighten this burden. I do not expect a coward to hold himself accountable. He is just one of thousands of people that thrive on violating others. Even the people that I thought would support me have chosen to remain silent. Disappointed, yet not surprised.

      Supreme Peace, and many thanks for your support.




    • are you craving more cock? you will not find that around here. I have no reason to lie. Thanks for reading about my experience with your hero. Is that what he is for you, moorecock? Peace


      • You have several reasons to lie. Ad revenue on your blog. Fame. Celebrity. Being a part of a movement. Feeling special. Gaining sympathy. Getting attention. I know that Neal isn’t infallible, but people who lie about this horribleness make it worse for actual victims. Oh and I was actually raped three times in my life. Once, I got micked and woke up and couldn’t remember anything. The last thing I would want is to watch a random video of my rapist or put it on a blog. And I at least remember that I was raped in February of 2014. You don’t even have the specified year. (Neal wasn’t at UT Austin in 1984 by the way). This is complete B.S.


      • He was def there in 1984. It has been difficult seeing him on tv in media, so much. Triggered often with no way to heal due to silence. Perhaps if I never saw him again would be different. Or knowing that he could hurt others. I have many reasons for posting the blog. Why are you so angry at me isa good question. How does sharing my experience affect you? Why?

        I specified 1984. No matter how angry you are, I choose to stop being silent.


      • Consider the reasons he had to slip me a mickie? To silence me? To eliminate the competition? I have several other projects and ventures going on, I do not need to lie to get publicity. I am a healer, that needed to heal herself. I have taken steps to heal and now can help other survivors that remain silent for decades. This is very powerful. You are taking it personal that I chose to heal and grow past the anger. That is your problem, not mine!

        Neil was there when I went for my interview in 1983. He was still there when I dropped out in 1985. You are looking at college records perhaps. Look at GRAD SCHOOL ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT.


      • http://alcalde.texasexes.org/2012/02/star-power/
        “From top: Tyson in the American Museum of Natural History (Gabrielle Revere); at age 13; at age 4; with friends at Town Lake in 1980; on the UT dance team, 1985 (courtesy Neil deGrasse Tyson); on the set of The Colbert Report (courtesy Jennifer Sims).”

        No. He got his masters from the University of Texas in 1983, and he was still there in 1985. He was there in 1984.


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    • Thank you. That is a very good point. However, I would have preferred to be given a plain glass of water. That is what I was offered. I mean, that is like saying we are grateful for slavery because such great music came from it? Imagine the music that would have been created without slavery? I am striving to be grateful for that day, seeking the gift in the adversity. What I have is a failed marriage and one daughter that hates me because I had ptsd while she was growing up. It is different living the life of a yogi than the life of an astronaut, which was my original plan. Most important thing is that I am still alive and did not take my life years ago. Maybe one day, I will be grateful for that too. Peace


  9. There’s nothing courageous and healing about “waiting” decades to publicly discuss rape on the internet simply to gain attention and defame a celebrity. If you truly were assaulted by this man, you have so many alternative options towards reporting it to those who have the power to do something or even to take your own words and “heal”.

    The bottom line is that I am starting to get really sick and tired of reading all these “rape” stories that happened years and years after the fact. The only thing a person would want out of pandering their “sky is falling” allegations is to profit off of someone who later became famous.

    If you were raped by Neil, then something not only should’ve, but could have been done many, many years earlier. Stop capitalizing on his presence in the public eye to win fame, attention, and money. If you truly are a victim of something as awful and heinous as rape, then the last thing you should ever want would be to cause someone else (even the person who wronged you) even more pain.

    I agree with justice and retribution, but let’s face it…that’s not at all what this article is about. The bullshit internet “women empowerment” ideology needs to screw its head back on because it’s gone off the deep end.


    • you are sick of hearing about rape? I am sick of/from being raped. The only thing we have in common is sickness. Trying to explain why it took so long for me to come forward is like trying to describe being a mother to someone that has not had any children. It is not my job or purpose to make you understand. If you are tired of hearing about rape, then you were born in the wrong lifetime on the wrong planet. The entire society needs to be rid of #RapeCulture. You act like this was my fault, or even my doing. You are more concerned about NDT being hurt, or his reputation, than you are about all the destruction his cowardly act has had on my life and the lives of my daughters, their dad, my parents, and all of the people I could not help because I was not totally present in the moment. Enjoy your fantasy. Peace


      • THats not exactly what he said.. He said coming forth years later.. and not protecting others from same harm.. once he became famous on the level he is and for what he is.. It became void to an extent.. when u decided to keep it secret, you kind of had to remain only cause your not helping now


      • I’m really sorry you have to deal with this idiot, Ms. Tchiya. Please know that there are many people here for you and that love and support you. I am one of them. I wish you nothing but the best.

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    • I couldn’t have put it in better words. I think tchiya needs to get off the pcp, and gain exposure by honest means, not by throwing allegations about someone with actual success and ride the”celebrity by being a victim” train.


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      • Neil is ignorant, yet you believe you are a magical healer and you’re charging hundreds of dollars for fake medicine on your website? Stop calling yourself a healer you sound hilarious to those of us with brains.


      • Good Rising. How can you call it fake if you have not experienced? Why does it upset you that I practice sound healing? I am not the only person that uses Acutonics tuning forks. People that only use their brains are indeed ignorant of the Divine that lives within us all. People that rely on their brains for everything are incapable of relating to sound healing. And I rarely have to interact with them, except for when this subject arises. Only when you are open to expanding consciousness will you stop spewing out negativity that hurts you more than your intended target.

        As for charging the hundreds of dollars, I also offer discounted prices at community events. In fact, I offer hundreds of free demonstrations each month at wellness events across the city during festival
        Season. One hundred dollars/hour is the basic price for this type of healing, so you are actually expressing anger at natural healers all over the world, not just me. Not to mention all of the free self care videos that I produce that are available online for free! People are lining up, waiting for me to open up live certification and initiation classes again, So you see, you are highly and deeply mistaken. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


    • You’re absolutely trash! None of what you said gives anyone a pass to commit assault. Fuck You! He brought himself down by being a rapist piece of shit! Fuck You and Fuck anyone who thinks like you! And you have the nerve to say her getting raped is “cool”? Go drink bleach!


  13. Thank you for your truth. I BELIEVE you and do hope you will be able to repair your relationship with your daughter. I am a daughter of a rape victim and didn’t understand why I would get a beating for every little thing. Years passed and my mom told me she was raped at gunpoint. A freshman in college, just won the title of Ms. Alcon College and still a virgin. I wanted to help my mother confront that person 40 years later. From the rape a child was born. My brother had problems knowing he was born out of rape and not out of love has caused low self esteem and believeing he’s not worthy of love. I know how being a victim of rape affects EVERYONE around. My mom says her rapist destroyed the woman she was going to be. I’m very proud of you for coming forward. Who give a damn whether he’s powerful, black, success? The fact is he is a RAPIST. I will pass this on to everyone I know. All the best!!!

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  14. In other news:
    “Petter Popof says he was raped by marrie currie and expects us to believe him. Only sucker gullible enough to buy his miracle water believe him, but on the good side they deserve to die of cancer due to the lack of treatment.”


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    • That is a very good question. When I wrote the post, I was still so very angry. My answer has changed since 2014. Have done some healing. I will revisit this question. Thank you for asking.


  17. Listen, ma’am. I’m not a fanboy of Tyson, so this is coming from the heart.
    Almost every highly influential woman in my life–almost every female for whom I owe an impossible debt of gratitude–was molested or raped. Almost every single one. Their stories should be heard. Their stories should matter. They do not need to be silenced out of shame. My white-hot hatred for the boys and men who stole their innocence is too consuming to endure.
    And then there are people like you. People who would spend paragraph after ad-soaked paragraph doing everything except giving more than scant details of how it happened. How it even started. Why he was even alone with you to begin with. None of the facts add up. But that doesn’t anger me. What angers me is the fact that you KNOW they don’t add up. You KNOW it’s a tenuous, poorly sketched out narrative. And you KNOW that, while people are distracted by all this, there are countless women scared to come forward because they will be lumped into the same category as you.
    And you’re happy with it.
    You amaze me. People like you will always amaze me.


    • I have stated the details several times. How you missed I do not know. Here goes: I was a grad student. He was like a big brother to me. Our apartments were in same complex. We visited daily after classes. One day he offered me a glass of water. I accepted. I woke up briefly nakrd on his bef in his room with his tongue inside my vagina. When he saw I had awakened, he mounted and forced his penis into my vagina. I passed out. Next day saw him at Astro dept. I asked him how and why this happened. He said “ it is because we are in this alone and we are in this together” then walked off.

      Why are you so angry with me? Poorly sketched out narrative was for my own healing not to impress you. If and when a professional journalist writes about the case, you will feel better. What matters is that I feel better now that the fear is gone. Enjoy your life.


      • I’m sorry for the vile people who are showing up here. Just to let you know, what that commenter tried is another silencing tactic – “I believe others but I don’t believe you.” The reality is that they don’t believe anyone, they’re only trying to cause harm and sow doubt by drawing you into a discussion that will never end. Thank you again for sharing your story. (You don’t have to make this comment public if you don’t want to, I just wanted to let you know the kind of tactics these people use.)

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  21. Thank you very much. I realize conversations with negative people on this topic leads nowhere. Yet, I still find myself engaged in conversations with them for a few moments because I don’t want to be judgemental or only approve posts that support my expressions. Nevertheless, sometimes they can be quite amusing in their ignorant, uncompassionate behavior! Lol! Thanks again fir your support. Oneness


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  24. A lot of ignorant comments from people who don’t seem to realise this post is from 2014.
    I believe you, and I hope you find the healing you need. Thank you for sharing.

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  27. I’m not a big fan that you waited so long, but I get that you could be embarrassed, but you and he should face the same scrutiny within due process and under oath. I have no opinion on the matter, you don’t really offer much in the way of evidence, but, if he is guilty, and even tho I highly respect him, I want to see him get what is coming to him, or, if you fabricated this, I want to see them same, justice needs to be served.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more supportive, but judicial due process must rule the day, he is innocent until proven otherwise in the court of law, and this is a big thing, we can just have accusations flying around destroying people’s lives from people who could have ill intent, be it fame, money, or revenge..

    However, with all that said, I want you to know that I feel for you if this is legitimate, and only you and him would know, so, if you’re legitimate, just know I hope you the best moving forward. And in your heart you know I’m just trying to be fair to both parties in this, ’cause I couldn’t possibly know either way, and too many allegations are going around, and women can’t always be trusted, no one can be, I just have to take it at face value, and so far there is nothing but your accusation, and no litigation behind it.

    But Like I said, I truly hope you the best moving forward, and I certainly care about people in your position, and the justice that should be afforded to you, and the support so you can deal with this and move on. Life is one of those things, you have to do something about it, or move on, and I hope that you do something about it, because other people could be a victim to him if you do nothing, even more so with more allegations just coming to light recently. I’m not telling you to just get over it for other people, him, me, or the public, I’m saying for you, but if you’re going t make these allegations, you need to follow through, and the burden of proof is ultimately on you

    Anyways, I wish you the best Tchiya, in health in both body and mind moving forward.
    Take care.


    • I no longer seek justice in a world of corruption. I am speaking out for the healing of all those affected by the actions of this individual, including myself, one that is worshipped by the religion of science, and also for the safety of all those that must come into contact with him. The system always rules in favor of their own, unless it is time for a sacrifice to be made. I already did something about it. I came forward. What else do you have in mind? Let’s hope that this never happens to you, because that is the only way you would know why it takes some of us 30 years to come forward/ I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FANS. I am not trying to GET anything, except healing, to regain the power that was stolen from me. I would like to have a reconciliation with my daughter. There is nothing the justice system can do for me., so why would I waste time going through that system? People did not listen to me until 2 white women spoke up, and they were not raped. So, you can keep your support, because it is not authentic. PEACE BE WITH YOU, knowing that you only supported a survivor halfway. why even bother to write????? TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED, YET SOME CHOOSE TO CLOSE THEIR EYES AS IT IS OPENING…..


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  41. If this turns out to be true, what do you think should happen to him? The guy is married and has children. He’s also an inspiration to many and has brought a lot of young minds to science. He champions logic and facts and is an all-round pretty decent guy. The problem with outing men for their past misdeeds is that people end up vilifying them forever. It doesn’t matter if they’ve done great things since. They’ll lose their job, reputation, family… everything. No amount of apologizing will change what people think of them. Is it possible for someone to redeem themselves after committing a crime? Or are they forever considered a bad seed?


    • Only problem is that he is still doing exhibiting this behavior. I am not responsible for what happens when I express my truth. What about all the pain, sadness, loss, anguish that myself and others have experienced. Perhaps if we had not been so afraid and confused, we would have spoken up sooner and he would not be where he is today. Should we just sit by and continue to watch him gain more accolades as a decepticon? Where would I be if this did not happen? I am not seeking justice from a corrupt sick system. I am seeking healing. I do not know what should happen to him. Shouldn’t you be asking what will happen to us for speaking out? How has my life been affected? He cheated on his wife. He has daughters snd yet treats women this way. He dies not deserve all that he has because it is built on a lie that caused others to suffer. My family suffered. Not just me. Yes, I believe in Karma, and I also believe in ending the silence about rape and sexual assault and sexual harassment. That is also my karma.


      • You’re right. If this is your truth, you should feel free to express it. Of course, to everyone else it’s just allegations. We simply have no concrete evidence. Nevertheless, there’s a part of me that actually believes you. Especially when taking into account the statements from the other women.

        It’s a shame you dropped you out of grad school. Whatever happens, I genuinely hope you get the healing you’re looking for.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. Honestly, I do not know what comes next. My focus was on finding others that had similar encounters. I have stopped seeking justice in world of corruption. For years, I was afraid of him finding out that I told anyone. That is done. I am definitely moving onward. Still going to therapy however. Would like reconciliation with oldest daughter. She was traumatized as well. She has not spoken to me in 8 years. Perhaps this experience will inspire other survivors to speak out sooner.


    • Brought young minds to science: science is a religion and he is a missionary. He should be treated like other missionaries, Like the Sentinelese Tribe treated their missionary. Science community and church are filled with decepticons like Tyson. Why should any of them be protected while survivors are left to figure stuff out on our own??? What if this happened to your daughter or wife? Would you still protect the good ole boys club? I was in Science too and all they do is try to explain things without acknowledging God, Energy, Spirituality, Women, Black Ancestors, Black Originators and Inventors. Black Ancient Egypt. Why try so hard to be accepted by those that want to see you destroyed? Tyson is an agent, not a scientist. In my opinion


      • All my life every time I ran last the word conscience I wondered why it was spelled that way. Recently I looked up the etymology of the word.
        con is a version of com and they mean with.
        science originally meant God.
        conscience meant with God.
        science became knowledge after it was cut out of conscience. This indicated mankind’s foolish belief that they were God.
        The root word for science turned in to meaning to cut, or split, or divide.
        Through these actions they could figure out how things worked and then they could adjust them. The original intent was to become God.
        The real problem is there is not one but many sciences because of the complexity of the world and life and everything else. Man can never have total knowledge it is an impossibility. Every question answered creates even more questions. No one has total knowledge of any one science completely. Only God knows the complete truth and has total knowledge. If any human had they would be a demigod but there are only demigogs. Science, Academia, Medicine, Politics, Governments and Religion all have dogma! Dogma in the real sense of the word means they believe they are God. dogma reversed is amgod signifying that they are liars, deceivers, and covenant breakers. Warlock is a word that signifies that same idea. War means covenant or truth and lock means breaker or consealer. Warlock means covenant breaker or truth concealer.

        Liked by 1 person

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