Nuk Pu Nuk Heru: Ready for HeruScopes!

Udja and Dua! Thank you for choosing to receive your HeruScopes Today. Whether you ordered the Chart, the Compass, or the Navigation Package or even the Spring Zinger VIP Package, we begin with your birth date information. Please fill out … Continue reading

Ripening Full Moon 2018 HeruScopes

Good Rising Grand Blossoming Great Awakenings Was having waaaay too many issues with Good Rising TV live streaming, so took a brief hiatus. New format: HeruScopes Analysis, then Audio report when possible. KemeTones mini videos, with sound healing chanting and … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse New Moon and Mercury Retrograde 2018 HeruScopes Analysis

Good Rising Grand Rising Great Awakenings!!!As you already know by now at least 6 planets are still retrograde Rx. That means that these Portals are Open. Which basically means intense periods of focus, breakthroughs, revelations and enlightenment. For more information … Continue reading

Retrograde Season is Here! HeruScopes Review

GREAT Rising and Awakening. I started saying Good Rising years ago, because I was tired of mourning the day. Now, people are saying GREAT Rising, as if being Good isn’t Good Enuff! LOL! So, I am trying it out for … Continue reading


  Udja. Which means Greetings! Uben Nefer N NEHAST! which means: Good Rising and Great Awakenings!   Welcome to the HeruScopes Home page! Here you will find the Forecasts by Amet El Maat, S.E. Be sure to have the HeruScopes Handbook … Continue reading

HeruScopes©: Raising Sexual Assault Awareness, and Healing from it, is in the Stars!


Today is December 2, 2014. OM RA IMHOTEP. THE SUN MOVES INTO OPHIUCHUS ON NOVEMBER 30. When the Imhotep Portal is open, November 30-December18, when the Sun is in Ophiuchus, there is a tremendous opportunity for healing, growth, and enlightenment. The … Continue reading

HeruScopes © Celestial Update: Aspolia 2014 Full Moon and The Portal Of Djehuty


Good Rising and Great Awakenings! If you don’t know who, what where or when Aspolia is, or why I am talking about Djehuty during Mercury Retrograde, check out the HeruScopes © Handbook and Resource Guide, for this is where it … Continue reading

HeruScopes © Handbook and Guide 2015


Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E. HeruScopes © incorporates Kemetic, Olmec, and Vedic (East Indian) Astrology Systems, and is based upon the TRUE Sidereal Motions of the Sun and Planets through the Constellations of the Zodiac, along the Ecliptic. HeruScopes © … Continue reading

HeruScopes have arrived…..


Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Great moments in time and space. After all of these years, I am at last able to cast HeruScopes: Olmec Sidereal Readings. What do I mean by this? Heru Scopes: instead of Horus Copes! With … Continue reading

Falling Into Alignment at the Fall Equinox


Udja. Uben Nefer Nehast. Greetings, Good Rising and Great Awakening. Welcome to the HeruScopes Analysis for Fall Equinox 2019. Of course, we begin with the Equinox Song, originally composed by John Coltrane. His birthday is actually September 23, same as … Continue reading