From First Base to Rape

In response to an article by Teresa Jusino:

What Aziz Ansari’s “Apology” Says About How Men View Their Encounters With Women

This is a very interesting article, because it deals with first base that unfortunately some men take to mean home run. Even at my age and after all I have experienced, even saying “take it slow”, “I really like you, but lets wait til we get to know each other better”, “let’s go to couples counseling before going further,” things can still go too fast. Even if you say “not now”, the very thing you do not want, is what you get. Then you are stuck with trying to transform this violation into a relationship. But in reality, it was a violation. It will always feel like a violation. No matter how much you like the person, no matter how pleasurable, it was still against your wishes…. and can never give you a real relationship.

What do we as women have to do before our feelings wishes intentions are heard and respected? Obviously keeping women covered from head to toe does not make things better. Why does kissing, dancing, affection, a conversation, an energetic connection or attraction, a glass of wine or a beer, a glass of water, give a man the right to TAKE what could eventually be offered with love, integrity and consciousness? Why is this behavior accepted tolerated and yet not discussed? Why are people looking forward to movies where this scene is played out over and over but not addressed in society? Why are rapists in public office? Making movies? Running planetariums and talking about the Cosmos on television? Because we live in a #rapeculture . Because the average person is addicted to violence and enjoys the privilege of convenience that comes about due to the suffering of others. Because the average spiritually enslaved person is so jaded, so disconnected from Spirit that they are able to block out the pain of their global family members. Do we need to take a witness or a referee when we decide to be alone with a man?

Basically, we go against ourselves in that moment out of fear of what that boy will do if you actually punch him or kick him or just keep saying no. He could get angry, or stop talking to you altogether. If he is not hearing you, then maybe you go along with it so that he will stop HARASSING you, or might you get raped, or end up dead. Sometimes after reporting rape, especially if it was by a celebrity, it gets much worse and you end up dead at the hands of authorities trying to keep you silent like #MistyUpham. Or maybe you just accept a glass of water, with no interest in sex or affection, and because you have been rendered unconscious, are not even in a position where you can say, ” No way in hell do I want to have sex with you. You are ugly and gross. Do not touch me.”

I want you to see that it only takes one second to go from “Not Tonite” to DEAD ON ARRIVAL, because we cannot control men once the monster in them has been activated. This is what needs to change, from birth, we need to raise boys to be Actual Men, not predators. But these days, sexual predators control every aspect of the game in this rape culture. For Women, there is nowhere to run. Fortunately in this day and time, for Rapists and Sexual Predators, there is nowhere to hide either.

For more info,

End the Silence, End the Violence Chapter 6: Austin, Texas 1983-1984: I Survived RAPE by Neil de Grasse Tyson; The Blue Lotus Speaks!

The Blue Lotus Speaks Chapter 5: OBERLIN FUCKING COLLEGE


Tchiya Amet El Maat

Who is the Blue Lotus and why does she speak? The Blue Lotus is the Collective Consciousness of All the Sadness and Sense of Loss from The Womb that holds the memories and stories of My Bloodline and all of My Past Lives. It is the Voice of ALL Wombs that know violation. She is Speaking because she can no longer carry the pain and it must be released. This Voice, This Song must be heard. She sings in Ancient Tongues and Languages. She brings Healing and Consciousness that becomes the Oneness. Hotep

In My Neighborhood….

Hey, where have I been? October 12, my neighbor across the street threatened to strangle me and shoot me. Wanted to see me dead. Why? Because her small dog (with Napoleon syndrome) was not confined to it’s yard, ran out and provoked my dog, who got off her leash during a walk and they had a shouting match. No one was hurt physically, but my neighbor was traumatized. I can understand this, and when I told her that if something DID happen to her or her dog, I would understand if she wanted my dog put to sleep. She said she did not want to see my dog put to sleep, she wanted to see ME put to sleep. According to her, the dog is not the problem, I am the problem. She said she wanted to strangle me and shoot me dead. She repeated and demonstrated at least 10 times during our 1.5 hour session where she just yelled at me and I allowed her to vent. She basically told me all the things she hates about me personally.I have not spoken to her in 2 years other than hello. She even complained because my dogs bark! She does not want to see my dogs ever again, not out in the front yard, not out for a walk, nowhere. But, she does not want me to move away, or give them away, or have them put to sleep. Just me!

When I told the sheriff that I am concerned because Black people are getting killed daily by CRAZY White people over stupid shit like cell phones, loud music, skittles, tobacco and hoodies, he got angry at me! Said this is not racial, that Black people kill White people everyday. They would not take a police report, as the neighbor denied making any threats or any of the statements that I told him about. (maybe so, but if a Black person kills a White person, it is a crime. When a White person kills a Black person, it is self defense.)

She is obviously crazy, jealous and lonely, her dog is a substitute for a child or human companionship, but that is no reason to threaten my life.I have never heard of someone being executed because their dog got into a fight. Her dog can easily get out from under the gate, and the gate is rarely closed. The dog is seen wandering up and down the street. I only have this one photo but here it is. My dog is big, likes to chase/hunt rabbits, birds, chickens, squirrels and cats. But she called her a killer. Funny, when my dog kills chickens, she is a vicious killer. But when the owners kill the chickens, they are farmers???? When it is their job to kill animals, they are called butchers. When human eats a chicken that someone else killed, they are called consumers. She called herself an animal lover, yet wanted to see me dead. When I told her I am thinking of moving away, and that this would make her happy, she replied, “THAT IS ALOW BLOW TCHIYA. A LOW BLOW” and finally walked away…..


Pictures showing dog outside of yard,


and that her dog can easily get out of yard from under the gate

No witnesses. FROM NOW ON, VIDEO CAMERA IS ROLLING WHENEVER I PASS HER HOME, WHENEVER I AM SPEAKING WITH A POLICE OFFICER, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, OR ANY OTHER PERSON THAT IS ACTING OUT OF IGNORANCE OR UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. RECORDING ALL PHONE CONVERSATIONS WITH ANYONE THAT IS OPPOSED TO MY FREEDOM AND INNER PEACE. When the law is not on your side, must take matters into own hands. make it public information. This is the third time in less than a month that the Mendocino County Sheriff Department did not take my situation seriously. A few weeks prior, I had been stalked one evening, next day received a disgusting note asking for sex from another neighbor that is a minor, and then, a week later, same stalker sprayed a fire extinguisher into my yard, saying that he would be back to get his package. I am still dealing with the molestation from August 3 at ROTR. So far, year 53 has been very strange. and scary.I know that I am being guided and that I am protected. peace