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Celestial Folk Music

Lyrics & Legends of the Music

ESHO FUNI Lyrics inspired by the Lotus Sutra

Keep Chanting Lyrics and Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

Master of Desire Lyrics and Teachings from Bhagavad Gita

The Great Purification of All Things

Po Tolo (Visit the Sirius Musical Goddess Page)

Egyptian Blues (Visit the Sirius Musical Goddess Page)

R U Sirius Enuff  (Visit the Sirius Musical Goddess Page)

Where the Dog Ran at Reggae on the River in 2010

Fucked Up System Lyrics and Commentary

No Kwi Si Iga Lyrics and Significance


Love & Joy





My Powerful Press Kit!


A Musical Cultural Astronomical tapestry, woven with myths of the stars and music & rhythms from the Ancestors. This collection of songs is also a collection of stories and teachings. As you listen with your heart, you will see in your mind. Inner joy will be experienced as you dance and sway into your transformation. The Original People of the Four Directions all share a love of life on Earth as well as a Mystical and deeply profound connection to the Heavens, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Dogstar, the Sirius Star System.


When you purchase any three cds, from, you will also receive TWO free autographed posters! One from Rise Again Truth and one from Celestial Folk Music!!! Mail Order: send check or money order made out to: Tchiya Amet/Milky Way Records PO Box 215    Covelo, CA 95428Call 7079836303 or 7079726831 for more info.


Most of this music was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Why? That is another story. I shall be posting shortly on my travels to Belize, Mexio, Peru, Brasil and Kemet in search of more information on these Sirius  Pyramid Culture Centers. And also to find out for my self about the information presented in “When Rocks Cry Out”, by Horace Butler. Stay tuned….


Songlist: Esho Funi. Teachings from Lotus Sutra, about the Oneness of You and Your environment.

Keep Chanting: Song about Itai Doshin: Many in Body, One in Mind. Also from the Lotus Sutra. (Japanese Buddhism)

Master of Desire: Teaching from the Baghavad Gita, from Hindu Culture (India).

Love & Joy: English Translation of Xodo, popular Brasilian song.

Egyptian Bluez: 6/8 rhythm with Kemetic (Ancient African Egyptian) Chants

AST MAAT: R U Sirius Enuff?? Tribute to Goddess Aset (Wisdom and Healing Words of Power) and Goddess Maat (Balance, Truth, Order, Justice, Harmony, Reciprocity & Righteousness)

Po Tolo. Dogon Sirius Culture, from Mali

Where the Dog Ran: Cherokee Myth of the Creation of the Milky Way Galaxy

Fire Water. A song about the Milky Way Galaxy, inspired by the Quechua of Peru.

Equinox. Original lyrics about an Equinox, written for the Classic John Coltrane tune.

Precession of the Equinox. Piano instrumental inspired by precession.

No Kwi Si Iga (Star Days): Original song in Cherokee about some of the things I love about life on Earth, pertaining to the 4 Seasons & our precious Star, the Sun! Loving Life on our Wonderful Planet Earth, Our Home!

Great Purification of All Things. This original Native Reggae song is based on Hopi Teachings about the challenging times we are living in….

Fucked Up System. Name says it all!

Wonderful World: This tune is a classic thanks to Louis Armstrong! This is a Brasilian-Reggae version…

Egyptian Bluez Instrumental: Featuring awesome Kora solos by Youssoupha Sidibe.

Continuing in a style that began with her debut CD: “Rise Again Truth”, firmly rooted in the Roots Reggae Tradition, the music of Tchiya Amet is a blend of Indigenous and Contemporary cultures and rhythms. This music keeps the culture, myths, legends and rhythms of the Ancestors alive.This music carries the wisdom and the teachings of the Elders forward into the future, by reaching out to the youth of today.

“Black Turtle Island” seeks to express the voice of a nation denied the most basic of human rights, time and time again: the right to self-determination, even the right to exist.

The existence of Indigenous Black Indians of Turtle Island is a controversial topic in Indian Country today. Nevertheless, we continue to exist, and we continue to make music.

With remnants of Ancient Traditions, Tchiya Amet has crafted a colorful cultural quilt, to provide warmth and comfort to the Indigenous peoples of the 4 Directions during these trying times.


Customer Reviews from AMAZON.COM

Ancient wisdom meets timeless music , July 17, 2003 Reviewer: Scott “Choctaw” Aaron from Texas United States “With the long awaited follow up to her award winning and highly acclaimed first release, Rise Again Truth, Tchiya’s sophmore effort, Black Turtle Island, distinguishes her as one of the foremost talents in the World Music genre. Drawing from a diverse pallete of cultural influences, Black Turtle Island bears the fruit of spiritual consciousness and social awareness while furnishing the listener with a plethora of fresh and original “riddims”. If you enjoyed Rise Again Truth, you will be similarly impressed and inspired by the combination of songwriting and superb musicianship. Not only does Black Turtle Island pay tribute to many of the great historical figures of the last two centuries, but its timeless musical anthems lay the foundation for a return to the positive and uplifting origins of reggae. Music sweet, music dread, music lion!”


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