About Tchiya!

Tchiya Amet El Maat

Awakening to the beauty of her journey, Tchiya Amet, singer, songwriter & keyboard artist, shares her sweet sounds and lyrical reflections with the rhythms of reggae, world and celestial music.


Chicago, IL Born August 5th, 1961 and raised as a young girl on the South side of Chicago, Il., Tchiya’s interests were as diverse as her cultural heritage.  Her rich background resembles a patchwork quilt with the golden thread of spirit connecting each facet of her life.  


Tchiya has First Nations Roots: Moor, Cherokee/Tsalagi, Creole, and Blackfoot. She is contemporary Urban Indigenous Woman, which is complemented by her core ties with mother-nature and her close affinity to the land, water, animals, cosmos and spirit.  She is comfortable in the remoteness of the countryside, the depths of a lush jungle or on stage at metropolitan nightclubs soothing the hearts and souls of those within listening range. In essence, her gifts of lyricism, music and performance manifest in every fiber of her being and allows her roots to reach the now, the then and the will be… 

As a young girl at the age of eight, she played the piano for many hours a day and composed her own tunes without formal training.  She continued to play and write mostly for herself. 

Music Shaped by Life Experiences

Much of her music is shaped by her life experiences. Her roots in the rich and diverse music town of Chicago, IL is replete with a keen sense of appreciation for life and its’ many nuances. At Oberlin College where she secured a degree in Physics and also entered the realm of The Conservatory. Simultaneously continuing her musical interest, Tchiya took up Jazz Piano and went on to perform with the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble. 

As member of the ABUSUA Black Student Campus organization, Tchiya was introduced to many meaningful ideals, principles and prophets of the Black Consciousness Movement.  This would include Ron Karenga, founder of the Nguza Saba (the foundation for the cultural observance of Kwanzaa) as well as Malcolm X, “Until all of us are free, none of us are free!”

After Oberlin, Tchiya studied Galactic Astronomy in the graduate program at the University of Texas in Austin with Gerard and Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. Some years later, this is also where she began her studies in Cultural Astronomy with Linda Schele.  It was during this time that she learned about Natural Life and Healing, Yoga, the Spirit and Power of the Mind. Complimenting her healing consciousness, Reggae Music, the Rastafarian and Black Hebrew Israelite Movements opened her eyes and mind to Truth, History, Health and Culture.  

As a natural progression, Tchiya became a vegetarian, yoga instructor, herbalist, a proponent of home-schooling, a professional musician, performing & recording artist, festival producer, organic gardener, natural foods co-op organizer, cultural astronomer, & most recently, acutonics (cosmic sound healing) practitioner and instructor.

Tchiya’s CD(s)

Third CD       “Celestial Folk Music”

Second CD    “Rise Again Truth”

First CD        “Black Turtle Island”

She has completed 2 CD’s:  “Rise Again Truth” and “Black Turtle Island”. The past year has been spent mostly in production for the third CD entitled “Celestial Folk Music” which was recorded mostly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will be released later this year  (2010).


“Keeper of the Dream”

Tchiya is a “Keeper of the Dream”.  The healing energy of her life is illuminating her music.  Her natural singing voice & lyrics embody the spirit of beauty and variety as well as metamorphosis of rebirth, love & hope.  The lion is her ally.  Tchiya embraces the lion and learns to balance power, intention and strength with the feline grace and majesty.  Her heartfelt change is transformational, leading the way to rebirth and clarity – that we are all related to one another. 

Guided by the Sun and the Stars, this sister reminds us that the Sun is the prime source of light and heat for Planet Earth, and combined with rain it brings forth and sustains life.  Tchiya is combining her gifts in music and science:  healing & awareness with Sound; performing music that is inspired by the Ancient Wisdom which is to be found in Cultural Astronomy: the Traditional and Contemporary Celestial Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions, and also in acutonics, with the Music of the Spheres. 

Tchiya also shares the Teachings of the Four Directions, including Bhagavad Gita, the Lotus Sutra, The Kybalion, the Kabala, Cherokee Legends, Lakota Sundance, & Maat from Kemet. 

Universal Truth 

She is reaching out to a wider audience the more universal her music becomes–expounding the Universal Truth, the Law of Life. 

Tchiya, warm like the light of the sun and the heart of a lion, is Born to Rule. Her recordings are dedicated to the Great Universe who opened the path to her higher Self.

Each song is a prayer…

29 thoughts on “About Tchiya!

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  3. How strange to say that PTSD has plagued you for 25years without more than an insinuating leap to link Dr Tyson to your disorder. Seemingly you possess a strong imagination as do I. From the account of your experience in this article, you tell of loosing consciousness and regaining it next day still in his company. Also that spending time alone with him in his home was a frequent occurrence. One presumes that returning often was without coercion or untoward advances which could suggest carnal intensions. That said, I must envision a deliberate plan to render you unconscious in order to rape your limp and unresponsive body. That’s the part which stymied me in the account. Even a submissive lover radiates some reaction during sex. Rape is generally understood as an impulse of domination over a helpless victim suggesting a struggling event culminating with vanquishing the other whom is thereby diminished to an object of conquest which feeds an internalized hatred of women. The rapist’s sexual passion comes from releasing pent up anger over distorted sexuality rather than release of normal sexual energy. Had you been conscious, you might have recognized the difference which is observations would lend support to a charge of having been raped. Since rape is not about mutual pleasure, you would not have enjoyed the event. Under my viewpoint on rape, your account seems peculiar from a psychosexual standpoint and without conscious memory of your body being violated, it’s difficult to understand a connection between your blackout and your PTSD.


    • Hello. No, I stated that I regained consciousness briefly in his apt, have no idea what day it was actually, then passed out again. Next thing I recall is seeing him at the Astronomy dept the “next” day. I never visited him again after this incident. We were friends, colleagues until this happened. We were NEVER lovers. You seem to be fascinated by the subject of rape, and hell bent on proving that it could not be rape nor could I experience ptsd since I was unconsciousness. If I ever speak to NDT again, I will let him know you would like to be drugged and raped so that you can prove it impossible to experience trauma after being unconscious. How much is he paying you to do this?

      If you find fault with my diagnosis, you can contact the therapists and counselors that have helped me over the years. You can try to talk to people that know and care about me. There have been other events that contributed to the ptsd. However, having to endure seeing your rapist on tv almost everyday when he was gaining popularity, over the course of two decades, was re-traumatizing which made it worse. I think you might prefer a porn channel that deals with rape.

      Even though I was unconscious, the memory is still engraved in my consciousness and the trauma is still trapped in my body. This event was not my imagination and at this point, doing what needed to be done back then so that I can continue to heal and find closure. Being understood by people like you is of no importance to me. Thank you for participating in the process.

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    • Was not a blackout. I was rendered unconscious by a monster. I accelted a glass of water from who was once my friend. Why are you questioning me? Tyson is the one that needs to be interrogated. Or maybe you need to be the one in question?

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    • Good Rising Troy. Your comment made me chuckle, then I started to cry! LOL!! Just the inspiration I needed to write a few blogs and post something about the Winter Solstice New Moon. Thanks for making my day!

      Oneness, Tchiya


  4. Yeah I’m not buying this story for a second. Seems like you had a random picture of him and decided to see if you could get some publicity for your shitty music.


    • Not a random photo: I took that photo with my own camera back when I was a grad student. That photo was taken in my apartment! I am not trying to sell you anything. I have compassion for ignorant people. I do the world a favor by ignoring them. After this, you have a free lifetime membership of being ignored….enjoy!

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    • Forgot to mention this: My music gets plenty of publicity when I choose to market, or perform. I assure you it is far from shitty. Only someone with no class or intelligence would cal it that.


  5. Thank you oh so much for your songs. I found your Black Turtle Island CD in my community cultural center in the take and leave box about 4 years ago and have been quenched by the Spirit that sings through you ever since!

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    • Wow! Thank you so much. I am thankful to say more music soon come. There are 5 other cds for you to listen to as well. What is the mailing address for community center? What is your fav song on thAt cd? I have more than one fav! Lol! Rivers, The One, Institution. All of them! Haha


  6. I think you are full of shit. As someone who suffers with PTSD, I find it odd that you’d draw a graphic of ancient Egyptians, as opposed to what you remember about his apartment. Most trauma victims have vivid memories of the details. You’re a pretty good sketch artist, so I question why you would not have drawn what you actually remember about the apartment.

    You say that you are “First nations, moor, creole, cherokee, and blackfoot descent. How are you defining the term “moor?” How do you know if your ancestors were in fact, “Moors?” Are you a tribal member of the Cherokee Tribe? Are you louisiana creole? Do you have a dna study to prove all of these things? Are did you just make them up, based on stories about your cherokee grandmother? That grade of hair doesn’t look as mixed as you claim to be.

    You claim to have studied Jazz piano at Oberlin, but you play all of your songs in the same key, as if you have no knowledge of theory at all.

    You claim that he raped you in 1984, and you moved on to have a child in 1988 and another in 1990. Usually rape victims have trouble with intimacy. You don’t seem to have had any trouble

    You claim that you were 15 years ahead of Mae Jemison, went into orbit in 1992. You were in Grad school in 1984?

    You claimed, ” He offered me a glass of water. I accepted a liquid in a cup made out of a coconut shell. I recall coming back to consciousness briefly, then next thing I remember is seeing him in the hallway the next day. ”

    How could you have PTSD from a trauma of which you don’t remember? It’s like saying that you have PTSD from a surgical procedure you had under general anesthesia? That’s not how PTSD works deary.

    Just as everyone else thinks you’re doing this to attract attention and cash in, I feel the same. And yes, your music is shitty.


    • No problem. Only a coward, troll, a Neil Tyson fan or maybe himself, would write a post like this then hide his identity! You obviously idolize rapists. I remember plenty about his apartment because I had an apartment in the same building. I am glad to see that you enjoyed my article this is obvious because you commented on everything that was written. What good would it do to draw a sketch of the apartment????

      As for my heritage, what does that have to do with this case? You are filled with so much hatred and rage. If you want to know about the Moors, do your own research! Moor is the term for Black people that live in occupied territories by European Terrorists like in USA and UK that are claiming their Sovereign Birthright. Do your homework, read books about Black People that were written by Black People for a change. The Moors were here before colonists. Black People were here long before AmeriKKKans….

      Cherokee Nation, which these days is a lot of White people, does not recognize Black Cherokees, even tho they have been ordered to do so by federal government. do not need anyone else’s authority to be myself. No there is no paperwork from those days: some ancestors were ashamed of bring Black and Native Peoples due to CENTURIES of brainwashing and self hatred. My grandfather was born in NewOrleans to a full blooded Cherokee woman that was married to a man that was the son of Henri Jean Baptiste, biggest slave plantation owner in New Orleans and a slave. That is what makes me say Creole. I do not trust ANY white corporations that take dna samples: a. What do they do with the samples??? B. They can make their test results say whatever suits them. I do not trust corporations pr allow white men to determine my identity or my history.

      Music theory is another Euroesn concept stolen from
      Ancient Egyptians. I have not stufied music theory. When I was at Oberlin, we played fromTHE HEART, FROM THE SOUL, WITH SPIRIT. We did not need any paper. The music we created together was fantastic. I was complemented by my instructor, the Head of the Classical American Music dept at Oberlin, Wendell Logan. I only took one or two semesters as a way to release pressure from being a Physics Major. Yes Jazz IS Classical American Music. ALL American music was originated by Black People. This must make you even MOOR angry! Lol!! You sound very jealous and must be in a lot of pain. Your words of cruelty mean nothing to me, and I enjoy answering questions about these topics so you have failed in your mission!

      What does having children have to do with intimacy???? Do you know HOW MANY WOMEN OVER THE MILLENNIA have been raped? And yet, there are still PLENTY of people on the planet!!!!! You have no idea about the challenges and suffering that I have experienced because of this event….

      Ok so i got the numbers wrong about Emma. I remember when I read the article. But she never went into orbit dude, she became an astronaut the same year I produced a Marcus Garvey Festival. Why are you so angry at me is the question? All i did was share my truth. I am not responsible for how anyone reacts when I stand in my truth…

      The Trauma lived in my body. I had reactions but did not know why. At the time, i did not know that you can be raped by someone you know. I thought tape only applied to a stranger attacking you with violence. Uh, yes plenty of people have trauma from invasive procedures that happened while the patient was unconscious. You do not have my consent to address me as deary. This is just another attack on my character.

      The majority of the human beings have commended me for sharing my story. People like you idolize scientists snd rapists. This post has not attracted attention to me in anyway, only gained attraction to Truth. What can i possibly gain by posting this story? Only brings light to the fact that some of the individuals that are looked up to in the public arena need to be pitied, shamed and locked up. The music that expresses itself through me is for people on the same vibration, frequency, consciousness, awareness, etc. You and I are not on the same path, and so the music does not resonate with you. Which is to be expected. Purity always brings out the worst in people, so obviously, I have succeeded because now, the world knows about your anonymous toxicity. Be Well and Go in Peace. Go far away, but go peacefully. Thanks for writing! I am going to share your post and let people know about you! Lol!!!


    • You are a troll and your hateful words will have a consequence. Are you willing to pay the karmic price for your ugly words?


  7. I think it would be best to gather any evidence or information that you have and take it to the proper authorities as a crime, or at least connect with the current and likely serious investigations by National Geographic and the TV production company to tell your version of events as crisply and accurately as possible. This public forum and the style of your presentation are going to harm your credibility in an arena already beset with people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Assuming your accusations are true, it may be that your explanatory style here and choice of venue may do a disservice to you, the very real problem of sexual assault and the credibility of other victims. The conversation about this online is already shifting to the topic of your mode and style of communication and is ultimately a distraction from clinical facts.

    It sounds like you have been through a great deal, and I’m giving this unsolicited advice with your health and welfare in mind. If what you’re saying is true, there may be more victims either extant or inevitable and as hard as it may be, you have an obligation to get everyone involved to the truth one way or another — and I feel this is a bad forum to get there. In making this public you may have made a brave decision, but you have also invited scrutiny and you should probably counter that scrutiny with an investigation and what facts you have.

    I’m not naive enough to think that any of those will be easy or that you’re guaranteed some sort of vindication but leaving it like this will achieve the opposite and color the accounts of anyone else coming forward.


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  9. Hang in there! With all the light being shined on the other allegations against Dr Tyson I suspect your situation will be adjudicated as well! Bless you for having the courage to stand up against a celebrity. I admire Dr Tyson’s work as a fellow scientist but if he is guilty of these allegations he should be held accountable. Stay strong my sista! In this #metoo era many sexual harassers and assaulters will get what they deserve…Glad Bill Cosby, Weinstein, Matt Lauder and others are finally facing justice…long overdue!


  10. I once worked with a “nice, easy going guy” who no one would ever suspect could do any wrong. Everyone at work adored him. We were part of the IT department. Behind closed doors and when no one was around, he would say the vilest things to me about rape, doing sexual things to other women, and other unpleasant things.
    I had no one to turn to for help. I ended up quitting.
    Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time this happened. I’ve met other “winners” in life but society tends to blame the victim.
    *Peace and Oneness, Namaste*
    – Love, another woman of color with a degree in Physics.

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    • Good Rising. Thank you so much for sharing your truth with us. Perhaps we are somehow making things better for humanity in the future. Turning Poison into Medicine. Finding the Gift in Every Adversity. End the Silence, End the Violence. I have also learned to Stop Looking for Justice in a World of Corruption. This wisdom has taken away decades of stress. Peace and Oneness. Hotep

      Appreciluv You Vibrant Sistar


      • Thank you for your reply, star seed sister.
        Many men (no matter how well or ill intentioned) do not get it. The comments directed at you on your own blog (your own space) speak volumes and show what kind of world we inhabit.
        You are very brave to come forward. I have suffered sexual abuse since I was a young child and similar patterns continued in adulthood. I do not have the courage to come forward. The few times I have tried, I was not taken seriously – even by close family and loved ones. It is painful but I wonder if it is karmic debt that I must pay. I think I have come to accept this as some kind of karmic debt.
        I just take the strength I have gained and lessons learned and try break the cycle of abuse. I want to help others. I am not as brave as you.
        Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope and strength.

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      • Yes, there is karmic debt. Abd yet, if we do NOT come forth, the pattern repeats, in so many ways, different levels even lifetimes. We must find the courage. I want to help others find their way back to center by doing what could not be done in the past: visit scene of crime file police report snd share your story. Then healing work to eliminate blocks and toxic residue. Please email me so we can discuss a strategy for you. It us also out karma to do what we can to break cycles. Contracts can be broken amended changed burned! It is up to YOU what happens next. Please email me do that we can talk about the journey…. cosmic at tchiya.com. Family Smamily: YOU COME FIRST until strong enough to be with them again… ONE LOVE!


  11. One of the most horrific things that leaves victims of sexual assault feeling helpless is when no one else believes them. We live in very strange political climate. I want to stay out of politics since politics do not align with source. Your aggressor was given a pass. The presidential candidate was given a pass. The supreme Court judge was found to be innocent. Meanwhile, three women are hurting in the aftermath of humiliation and accused of lies.
    The above comment spoke of karma. The choices we make on this Earth are karmic. There is a price for every choice made. Sometimes, the price is very hefty. Your aggressor, the other high profile aggressors, and all agressors will pay a karmic price for their actions.
    We are all judged when we leave this life. While I do not understand why things happen the way they do during our lifetimes, I am certain Justice is handed in the next life.
    A warm hug to you, soul sister. You are beautiful and worthy. Do not engage the negative trolls. Their words also have karmic consequences.


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