No Kwi Si Iga (STAR DAYS)

Listen to No Kwi Si Iga (STAR DAYS)
An Original Tsalagi (Cherokee) Song from the CD Celestial Folk Music


Celestial Folk Music

No KwSi Iga
Uyv tla no kwsi iga
No kwsi iga

Uwodu ani unhiju
Uwodu unesdala
Uwodu ani gola
Uwodu juhyvidlv?I

No kwsi iga
Agasag nokwsi iga
Nokwsi iga

Uwodu ani dlogesi
Uwodu ani ukta
Uwodu ganugogi
Uwodu ajilvsgi

Nokwsi iga
Udihlehga nokwsi iga
Nokwsi iga

Uwodu ani gvgisidi
Uwodu ani gogi
Uwodu ganvhoda
Uwodu selu uda

Nokwsi iga
Asgwala?I nokwsi iga
Nokwsi iga

Uwodu ani iya
Uwodu ani sv?ta
Uwodu uligogvsdi
Uwodu ani tsugalo:ga

Uwodu waya nudo
Uwodu waya Yona
Uwodu waya equoni
Uwodu dikwnvsv

Nokwsi iga
Usahi Nokwsi iga
Nokwsi iga
Tsoline iga

Uwodu Usahi
Uwodu Tsoline iga
Uwodu Usahi
Uwodu Tsoline iga

Welcome to Chicago!

Welcome to Chicago!


Star Days. Cold Star Days.
Star Days. January.

Beautiful. (Uwodu)
Snow People.
Ice People.
Winter People.
People of the North.

Star Days. Rainy Star Days.
Star Days. April.

Garden People.
Seed People.
Spring People.
Flower People.

Star Days. Hot Star Days.
Star Days. July.

Watermelon People.
Summer People.
Long People (River People).
Corn on the Cob People.

Star Days. Short Star Days.
Star Days. October.

Pumpkin People.
Apple People.
Fall People.
People of the Leaves.

Wolf Moon.
Wolf Bear.
Wolf River.
My Beautiful Home.

Star Days. Yesterdays.
Star Days. Sun in One Year.


This is one of my favorite songs from the album Celestial Folk Music.

It expresses the love that I feel for Life on Earth, with all of her seasons and the delights each one brings to us, year after year….In fact, the last verse refers to my clan: my two daughters, Monoah: Wolf Moon, Waya Nudo; Lluvia: Wolf Bear, Waya Yona; and Myself, Wolf River, Waya Equoni.

Inspired by the music of Walela.

Palenque Cabana

Una Cabana En Palenque

Monoah Y una Paraguas

Monoah Y Una Paraguas

LLuvia Y Una Paraguas

Lluvia Y Una Paraguas.
How ironic, Rain needing protection from the rain…

Love and Gratitude for this Divine Creation called LIFE!

You can purchase this music at

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