Keeping up with Daily Planetary Movements: HORA WATCH!

Good Rising and Great Awakenings!!!

As you may know, I am totally into being in tune and in alignment with what is going on with the Cosmos. Astrology helps a lot with this. I have recently found a resource for
VEDIC (EAST INDIAN) SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY that I feel comfortable with. Although the Ancient Hindu System still uses the 12 constellation system, this system is not simply based on movements around the sun, this system is truly based upon the motion against the stars, hence, sidereal system.

sidereal |sīˈdi(ə)rēəl|adjective
of or with respect to the distant stars (i.e., the constellations or fixed stars, not the sun or planets).ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin sidereus(from sidus, sider- ‘star’) + -al.

With a chart or a horoscope, you can learn about the planetary influences on you for a particular day. With Hora Watch, you can know the best times for you to perform certain actions or tasks, based upon planetary alignments, BY THE HOUR! It is amazing. There is even an app for you to download. This amazing work, which is available for all to learn at, is brought to us by Dr. PIllai: visit to learn more about developing your wealth consciousness.

You enter in your birthrate info, your current location, and you will be able to know what are good times of the day for you to conduct business, to travel, make decisions, and also, what times to just chill and do nothing because it is a poisonous time for you. This goes way beyond Mercury Retrograde, which is just an illusion. This system is very scientific , and extremely useful. There are several free reports available as well. For instance, here is the Panchang reading for  Today, February 24, 2014, in Chicago, CST Time zone from website.
With the app, you can customize for your birthstar and timezone…:

Good & Bad Timings

Hora: Venus up to Feb 24, 12:04 PM Next Mercury

Star of the Day: Mula up to Feb 24, 08:07 PM

Moon Phase: 10th waning moon up to Feb 24, 06:20 PM

Sunrise: 06:37 AM   Sunset: 05:30 PM

Yoga: Vajra ( Power Burst ) up to Feb 24, 11:20 AM Next Vyatipaata ( Adversity )

Karana: Vishti up to Feb 24, 06:20 PM

Poison Time: 07:59 AM to 09:20 AM

Danger Time: 10:42 AM to 12:04 PM

Good Time: 01:25 PM to 02:47 PM

TimeZone: -06:00:00 City: Chicago

of course, I am working on this blog during a danger time, but fortunately, when I began, it was still in a favorable or neutral time. However, I am having a horrible time with internet connection…. of course, we could blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but I think it is just a poor connection. Happens a lot when I visit the Windy City…



I enjoy chanting different chants for the different cosmic forces  (gods and goddesses) throughout the day. For instance, when it is Venus time, I chant beauty chants, chants for Lakshmi, Hetheru, etc. During Mercury time, also Lakshmi, and Djehuty, Sesheta. During Moontime, Yemaya, Aset, etc. During Mars time, of course it is time for Sekhmet! I also like to sound the cosmic acutonics© chimes for each particular hora….

Jupiter family

I like to conduct business during Jupiter time, as well as study or travel. It just feels right to be in alignment in this way. Bringing more order to each day, more MAAT!


“According to Hora Astrology, approximately for each hour, there is a planet that governs the time. Each hour over a period of time, by studying your thoughts and emotions, you can begin to see a firsthand connection between the planets and your mind.

Main advantages of Planetary or Hora Watch:

  • Starting or initiating any work during a beneficial hora can ensure successful completion of the task without any hindrances & obstacles.
  • The malefic influence of a planet can be reduced by timing your activities in tune with the beneficial horas and avoiding harmful horas.

A sort of ascendant worked out by multiplying the birth time after sunrise by two and dividing the product by five and adding the result to the sunrise on the day is called the Hora Lagna; however, there is no universally accepted method for working out Hora Lagna.

In a nutshell, a Planetary Watch helps you identify the correlation between your thoughts, emotions and the planets as there will be certain planets that influence you to think and act in a particular way.”

The Hora during the time of this blog post is Venus: Hetheru and Lakshmi…
Divine and Beautiful Abundance!

Here are the links to download the HoraWatch app:
HoraWatch for mac

Panchang for mac 

HoraWatch Android App

you can even choose to hear Baba Pillai chanting when the hora changes from one planet to the next!




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