Reggae on the River 2014 Reflections

Good Rising and Reggae Awakenings!


Reggae on the River 2014

Reggae on the River 2014

ALL I WILL  SAY IS THAT THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE TRIPLE SIRIUS. I have a few numbers to share with you:

1. The first time I performed at ROTR was on August 3rd, 2001 at 4pm, with the Light House Band. I ate half a “cookie” instead of a quarter cookie (like I was instructed!!!) after our performance. I passed out in the van, unable to move, communicate, let alone remain conscious! I woke up the next day in my stage clothes, in a hotel bedroom. The day after that was my birthday. My Dad died a few months later on November 30. The first day of Ophiuchus, and same day as George Harrison. Earlier in the Spring, when I learned about my Dad’s health, I had considered canceling the  tour and moving back to Chicago to care for him, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He said the move would ruin my career and my marriage.

2. The second time I had the honor of performing at ROTR, was in July 17, 2010. It was the Day of the Cosmic Convergence. With a different version of the Light House Band. By this time, Mario Vela, longtime life partner/drummer/manager and I had divorced. In March, we found out my Mom’s  gas pains was supposedly uterine cancer so they said. I flew from California to Chicago one or twice a month to help out as much as I could. Sigh, alas, a few months after Reggae, my Mother died.  November 23. That time of year was  already tough enuff because so many people choose to give thanks for the needless slaughter and elimination of Indigenous Peoples around the world at this time. Now it is REALLY difficult. in fact. IT IS REALLY SIRIUS.  

Jane Ann and Edward Milton Hambric

3. 31 years ago, I was a student at Oberlin College. One day, there was a free concert outside. Some kind of music that I had never heard before, and I had never heard about it either. I remember how good it felt just to be there eating my dinner. relaxing and listening to the unusual-at-the-time music. It is amazing to me how someone can be so educated and know so little about life. I was about to graduate with a BA in physics, and yet I knew nothing about Africa, REAL history, Native America, let alone REGGAE MUSIC OR THIRD WORLD!!! That is right, just out of the blue, I got hit over the head with consciousness! Felt NO PAIN! Unfortunately, the following year, I also got hit over the head with sexual assault, and it took me awhile to get out from under all of that.

Never would have guessed, after all of this time, here I am about to play at Reggae on the River, for the third time, accompanied only by My Self, on my Mother’s birthday, July 31. It is the 30th anniversary of Reggae on the River.
AND Third World is performing!
There s so much to celebrate and to be grateful for.

Celestial Folk Music was released on Aug. 5 2012, and is available at


Celestial Folk Music

Tchiya Amet Survives the Texas Tornado DUBwill be available for first time at ROTR!

Tchiya Amet SURVIVES the Texas Tornado

I will also be selling Kemet Flower Essence Oils, hand blended and poured by Yours Truly..


KEMETIC FLOWER ESSENCE OILS from AstMaataJi Temple of Divine Light, Healing and Sweet Sounds

Also, my favorite, WATER BALLOON CANDLES.
Cosmic Sound Healing will be there as well….



tuning 2 aset

have planned a very special healing experience for all of us, and I look forward to seeing you there…besides, this event occurs during SIRIUS RISING!!!!


Aign with Cosmic Energies of Sopdu


HeruScope Wisdom Teachings: Khepera (Scarab) New Moon 2014 of Family & Transformation


This is so exciting! I am so grateful. I welcome into this space my Cosmic Guides and mentors in the realm of the Ancestors, Master Naba. Who continues to guide me daily on this Sirius Journey.


I LOVE it when Master Naba says that we have a name for every hour in the day. That is based on planetary realities, not some arbitrary unit of time that is approximate at best, and outright fraud the rest of the time….
(for more on this, please revisit: Hora Watch and also Living with Cosmic Forces of the Universe)


Goddess Sesheta





“She was also associated with the sacred Persea Tree on which the names of the kings were written at the time of coronation. She was the “Recorder of Deeds” “MIstress of Books” and “Reckoner of time”. The Perse Tree was associated with the goddess in the feline form, who resided in the city of Anu, City of God, )Heliopolis to the Greeks) and slew the demon serpent Apophis, who was the enemy of Ra and also of all souls.”



You can learn more about Goddess Sesheta at the Sirius Musical Goddess page at



BTW, Sesheta is also a Moon Goddess….

FREE Download LunarPhase v 1.0.4

On with The HeruScope for this Moonth.

In Ancient Kemet, the sign of Cancer was known as Scarabaeus, NOT THE CRAB. NOT CANCER. NOT AN ILLNESS THAT IS KILLING OUR FAMILY. That means that in Ancient Kemet, this time of year was known as KHEPERA!!! TRANSFORMATION! Not carrying our homes, our belongings, our baggage, our trauma around with us forever!

“In the Egyptian records of about 2000 B.C. the constellation of Cancer was described as a Scarabaeus, sacred, as its specific name sacer signifies (Scarabeus sacer are dung beetles), and an emblem of immortality. This was the Greek karabos (or Kharabos), with its nest-ball of earth in its claws, an idea which occurs again even as late as the 12th century, when an illuminated astronomical manuscript shows a Water-beetle” [Allen, Star Names].

Two details of the rectangular Dendera zodiac: (a) scarab; (b) crab.

The present temple at Dendera dates from the 1st century BCE, i.e. the late Ptolemaic period, and was completed by the Roman emperor Tiberius (reigned 14-37 CE), who added the portico containing the circular zodiac. However, the temple rests on the foundations of earlier buildings, which – according to an inscription – date back to predynastic times.1



Perhaps it was during this time that they just changed it from a scarab to a crab, thinking no one would notice….or maybe it was a pole shift.

Khepri and Asar

 from the lunar planner:

The Egyptian Scarabaeus articulates the theme of humanity’s emergence from darkness, dogma, and delusion and its reawakening back to light.The Scarab is an appropriate mythical figure here because the beetle emerges from its snuggle in its own dung, where it matures. This theme also applies to our individual emergence from the family nest or from the collective consciousness that we co-create. The Scarab is a symbol of regeneration, transformation and re-birth, of being self-created, or self-made, to rise from itself—hence humanity’s association with the beetle’s emergence. This area of the heavens imparts a nurturing, protective and cultivating quality, ultimately to support this emergence.




At the New Moon on July 26, there will be 3 Celestial Beings spending time in Khepera: Sesheta, Amun, and Ra.
The Moon, Jupiter, and the Sun.
The following week, after the Moon has left, Djehuti/ Mercury will be dropping by.




During this New Moontime, there might be some tension due to the proximity of the Sun to Jupiter. This can show up in family relations. Rather than retreating into a shell, like the traditional zodiac crab, awaken and utilize the Cosmic Force of Transformation, Khepri, that lives within YOU to bring about healing positive change and growth within our selves, our families and out communities. The Cosmic Force of Ra, the Sun, will bring Illumination and Clarity to all family confrontations and situations.  As Sirius Rises, the Sacred Hoop is Mended. Our Families are healed. YOU are HERU: You are the Hero in the Story of the Myth of YOUR family tree in this time and space. ASHE!

Sacred Hoop: Sirius is the Tail Lakota Star Knowledge


Sacred Hoop


Amun (Jupiter) calls forth expansion, gets us to try new things, Ra brings Illumination and Creativity, and Khepri IS Transformation. Travel, or moving to a new location might feel impulsive, but is actually right on time due to the influences of the New Moon. Time for New Beginnings, or New Locations! “Environment is the Parent of Creation”!

Let’s try  something new with our families:

jupiter cancer

By the end of the Moonth, July 31, Sesheta will be in the House of Ra, (the Moon will be in Leo), and Djehuti will become Transformative Khepri (Mercury will move into Cancer). Emotions could run hot, and Sekhmet might appear, however the soothing and lightening quick words of Djehuti will wash away all poison and egoistic thoughts and words, will lovingly throw cold pure water of consciousness in your face, and bring you back to reality. Transforming all poison into medicine, all ignorance into blessings, lessons, and wisdom that ultimately, lead to enlightenment.


from Star Signposts and EarthSky Oracle

Jupiter represents the faith to carry on. We must carry on in hopes that one day the tribe we primarily honor is the TRIBE OF OUR UNIFIED HUMANITY. This is my hope and the core of my mission, as it is for so many of us.


Also note: Saturn is now direct as of last Sunday, but Uranus goes retrograde Monday. This constitutes a tidal confluence of major shifts. As that metaphor implies, it can be hard to discern which way the tide is going. What is leaving your life and what is arriving?  Stay tuned and attuned. And the waning but still volatile square of Sun to Mars early this week  assures us that direct confrontation and honesty are still needed and necessary.



Sidereal Cosmic Forces at a Glance:

HetHeru (Venus) in Gemini the Twiins: watch out for indecision in affairs of the heart.

Set; Sekhmet residing in the House of Virgo the Virgin: Hmmmmmm gonna leave that one alone for the time being…..

Geb (Saturn) aligned with MAAT (Libra): Make peace with the Earth, Make Peace with ALL Relations. Maat Hetepu. May the Peace of Maat Be With You.

Neptune in Aquarius: Time to pay attention to the messages of the water. time to start taking better care of the water.

Uranus in Pisces: again, time to pay attention to what is happening to our water.

Asar (Pluto) and Chiron (the Wounded Healer) are both in Sagittarius: we have the widsom to heal our selves, and to clean up our home, Planet Earth,  and affect a massive transformation. We need to do this immediately, and put an end to the destruction our water sources. Especially with all the denial and cope up going on around Fukishima. and also, CEASE FRACKING GLOBALLY.

Sedna is in Aries. Surviving abuse and trauma at the hands of a loved one is tragic, And yet, in the end, when the event is but a memory, there is always something beautiful to be grateful for, a valuable lesson learned. Right now, Mother Earth and women around the world are suffering from abuse at the hands of loved ones. It is difficult to imagine what good can come from all of this violence, but we must keep this in mind somehow… of the most healing things we can do is to TAKE ACTION, SPEAK OUT AND STAND FOR JUSTICE. AT ALL COSTS. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


So how many Cosmic Forces are dealing with Water this month??? 6!!! Sun, Jupiter, Moon in Khepri (Cancer). Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces (these two are ‘reversed”)  and Sedna is in Aries: always in water and trauma….Going to be wetter than usual. I know that most of you believe that we will soon enter the realm of FIRE: Leo, Ra, Sekhmet. But Siderally, we are in Cancer/Kheperi until August 10! This will be the next full moon as well.



Here is my post on Jupiter Cancer Transit. Amun Khepri Transit 


This is my song FireWater. It is about my favorite area of the Milky Way.

It kinda has a riddle in it:

Where is the Place Where the River Outshines the Sun?


Do you know where this place is? Please leave your answer in the comments section below. Here is a hint,  If you know this place, then you know me.


Planting Peace and Sending Love, Tchiya











The Sirius Musical Goddess page at

Good Sirius Rising!

DUA Aset/Ast/Isis/Yemaya/Emma Ya/Sigi Tolo/Po Tolo!


Ast/Aset/Isis: Kemet:

Egyptian Bluez,

Egyptian Bluez Chants

Mu; Hu

Maat Ankhu Maat   Maat is the Source of Life

Ankh Hena Maat   LIve with Maat
Cha Hena Maat   Rise in the Morning with Maat

Ha Sema Maat   Join Limbs with Maat/ Let Her Guide Your Actions


Emma Ya; Emma Ya

Ptah Hotep Amun Ra

Maat Hetepu    May the Peace of Maat Be With You

Ab a En Muta    My Mother, My Heart

R U Sirius Enuff,

Ast Maat/ R U Sirius Enuff?

Are You Sirius Enuff? Are You Sirius Enuff?
I shall come as a feather 
that is balanced against your heart.
I shall come as a feather 
that is balanced against your heart.

Are You Sirius Enuff? Are You Sirius Enuff?
Before you enter the gates of Zion 
you must be free from evil.
Before you enter the gates of Zion 
you must be free from evil.

Moving Towards Balance.
Standing In Truth.
Establishing Order With Harmony
Brings Forth Justice, Reciprocity
And Righteousness.

Are You Sirius Enuff? Are You Sirius Enuff
I shall come as a feather 
that is balanced against your heart.
Before you enter the gates of Zion 
you must be free from evil.

Moving Towards Balance.
Standing In Truth.
Establishing Order With Harmony
Brings Forth Justice, Reciprocity
And Righteousness.

Moving Towards Balance.
Standing In Truth.
Establishing Order With Harmony
Brings Forth Justice, Reciprocity
And Righteousness.

Hekau: Dua Sekhmet, Dua Aset. Ari Mes: Ankh, Udja Seneb

Adorations to Goddess Sekhmet, Power of the Life Force Energy

Adorations to Goddess Aset, Lady of Wisdom and Healing Words of Power

Do For This Child,

Life, Vitality and Health

To learn more about Kemetic Goddesses, read African Religion Vol. 5 The Goddess Path by
Dr. Muata Ashby  

there is a spectacular ritual to be done at Sirius Culmination on December 31. I am going to observe when I see Sirius this summer for first time…pg 82:
Ushet Rekhat: The Mother Worship Ritual

Aign with Cosmic Energies of Sopdu


 the goddess path

The ritual of uttering the names of the goddess promotes purity of the speech. This purity was known as maakheru in Ancient Egyptian terminology. Maakheru is the primary objective of every spiritual aspirant. The names may be recited, chanted or used in song. The art of recital, chanting and singing the divine names supports the study of the mystical teachings given in the myths related to the various forms of the Goddess. Also, it bestows psychic powers on the aspirant which will allow him or her to achieve great heights of spiritual experience internally and also to perform great works in the world of time and space (human experience).

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Names:

Apt, Nut, Mehurt, Aset, Hetheru, Maat, Rennenet, Meskhenet, Sefkhet-aabut, Nebthet, Ament, Nekhebet, Mut, Rekhat, Sekhmet, Arat, Bast, Ra, Sekhmet- Bast-Ra.  pg. 78

The Goddess Chant

These lyrics are taken from the Goddess Path by Sebai Maa. It is just a list, but it fit this music perfectly. Music by Tchiya Amet El Maat

Dogon Helical Rising of Sun with Siriusmudcloth2

Po Tolo and
Emma Ya:
Mali and the Dogon: again, here is PO TOLO

“Oh Sacred Darkness Mother of Pure Light; Within the Soul of My Soul,
Rebirth Yourself in Me as me NOW!”

teachings from conscious

Temple of Shetaut Neter: Temple of Aset

Kemetic Devotional Services Thursday Evenings 8 pm est) and Sunday Risings (8:30 am set). Meditation on Wednesday Evenings (8 pm est), and Teachings and Discussion on Saturday Evenings (9 pm est). On Sunday Risings, I lead the prayers and  chants along with Asar Djehuty Se Hotep.

Divine Black Light that is Love at

Love and Light, Tchiya!


Tree of Life, also known as the Milky Way Galaxy by both the Maya and in Kemet.

tree of life kem


kemtree of life

Chapter 19 Pert M Heru by Sebai Maa page 241

The Chapter of the Tree of Life: Breathing Air and Possessing Water in the Duat.

Vignette from Chapter 19. The Tree of Life is the symbol of the Goddess. Through it , She nourishes all Life and in particular, She provides spiritual strength to the aspirant for success in the spiritual world. Pert M Heru by Sebai Maa

Dua Arat Nut

Neteritah M Pet

Dua Arat Nut

Didyu M Hena Hetep!

  1. Words to be spoken by Asar_____________________________Maakheru.
  2. Hail to you great river in the heavens, in thy name of the “Traverser opf the Heavens”? Grant thee power over the water to Asar __________________ Maakheru like Sekhmet who protected Asar against the violence on the night and day of the slayings. Lead Asar___________________________Maakheru to the abode where there is an abundance of water just as you lead those other honorable persons who were slain and became a noble, blessed souls, knowing not they the name of he who led him.
  3. Asar ____________________maakheru is opening up in Djed
    Asar ____________________maakheru’s nostrils are opening up in Djedu in Hetep, the dwelling place in Anu, the house that was constructed by Sesheta on which Knum is standing.
  4. If there is a north wind blowing, sit on the south side. If there is a south wind blowing, sit on the north side. If there is a west wind blowing, sit on the east side, and if there is an east wind blowing, sit on the west side.
  5. Lowering the eyebrows on the nostrils, Asar _______________________maakheru enters into all places desired and resides therein.

Nut__Goddess_of_the_Sky_by_MyWorld1Nut, Goddess of the Skyby MyWorld1

NUT at


The Sirius Star System

Sirius Star System

Sirius is a binary star system consisting of two white stars orbiting each other with a separation of about 20 astronomical units (3.0×109 km; 1.9×109 mi)[note 7] (roughly the distance between the Sun and Uranus) and a period of 50.1 years. The brighter component, termed Sirius A, is a main-sequence star of spectral type A1V, with an estimated surface temperature of 9,940 K.[8]Its companion, Sirius B, is a star that has already evolved off the main sequence and become a white dwarf. Currently 10,000 times less luminous in the visual spectrum, Sirius B was once the more massive of the two.[94] The age of the system has been estimated at around 230 million years. Early in its lifespan it was thought to have been two bluish white stars orbiting each other in an elliptical orbit every 9.1 years.[94] The system emits a higher than expected level of infrared radiation, as measured by IRASspace-based observatory. This may be an indication of dust in the system, and is considered somewhat unusual for a binary star.[92][95] The Chandra X-ray Observatory image shows Sirius B outshining its bright partner as it is a brighter X-ray source.[96]

H.E. Bond, E. Nelan, M. Burleigh, J.B. Holberg, STScI, NASA

Sirius A is hotter, bluer, and younger than our Sun, Sol.
This Hubble image also shows white dwarf companion Sirius B, at lower left
Observation and Astrometry data

Constellation: Canis Major
Right ascension: 06h45m08.90s
Declination: -16°42’58.0″
Apparent magnitude: -1.46
Distance: 2.637 parsecs

Catalogs and designations:

Proper Names Sirius
Dog Star, Canicula, Sothis, Sopdet, Al Shira, Aschere, Mrgavyadha, Lubdhaka, Aoboshi, Lokibrenna, Hundastjarna, Skidi, Tishiya, Kak-shisha, Du-shisha, Mul-lik-ud, Kal-bu Sa-mas, Tir, Sihor, Hannabeah, Takarua, Hatun Coyllur, ?A??, Singuuriq, Proxima Canis Majoris, Your Mom    

That’s odd, Some people pronounce my name Tishiya, and I always correct them. Now, I know they are calling me Sirius! LOL!!!

Chandra X-ray Observatoryimage of the Sirius star system, where the spike-like pattern is due to the support structure for the transmission grating. The bright source is Sirius B. Credit: NASA/SAO/CXC.

Canis Major



sun and sirius


8de3e38751-Sirius ABC




R U Sirius Enuff?




Sirius Rising and the Dog Days of Summer


Good Sirius Rising! Welcome to the page of All Things Sirius at note: all blue text are links to more Sirius Knowledge and Sirius Wisdom elsewhere… Today is most auspicious for this post, being the first day of the Kemetic New Year. In Ancient times, the previous week is filled with fasting, ritual, and celebration in observance of the births Ra and of the children of Ra, culminating in the Heliacal Rising of Sirius,Sopdu/Sothis/Ast/Aset/Isis/Yemaya/Emma Ya/Po Tolo/Sigi Tolo/ Great Dog/Canis Major/The Great Wolf, and then the first day of the Kemetic New Year. I am getting ahead of my self, but let me begin by posting this schedule for posterity: The Ennead

  • July 13: The Birthday of Ra
  • July 14: The Birthday of Asar
  • July 15: The Birthday of Herut Ur the Elder
  • July 16: The Birthday of Set
  • July 17: The Birthday of Aset
  • July 18: The Birthday of Nebt Het
  • July 19: Rise of Sopdu, Sirius Rising.
  • July 20: The Kemetic New Year.

Dogon Helical Rising of Sun with Sirius   ENNEAD115   Sirius is said to rise over a different sacred center each night until she is visible from everywhere, sometime around mid August. When I lived in Texas, I always saw her rise for the first time on my birthday, August 5. Living out here, in a Valley in the Mountains, I usually do not see her rise again until the end of August. Please drop me a line when you view Sirius for the first time each mid-summer. I was taught that Sirius rises over Uganda today, over Kemet on July 23, and over Palenque/Olmec country/Maya on July 26, the first day of the Mayan calendar, or the Day Out of Time in the Dreamspell Calendar.



spiral dance

This is an image of the Dogon Spiral of Creation.

Here is My Song: Po Tolo,

(Did you notice my antennae in the photo? LOL!!! This was my first band project, called Dogon Sirius, around 1992 or 1993 perhaps? Mike Franklin kneeling down on guitar, Mario Vela to my left on percussion, Kokoy Severino on Bass, and Hector Munoz on drums 🙂  )

which is based upon my notes from the book entitled The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple.

e-Book Free Download – “The Sirius Mystery” By Robert Temple

Download for free by clicking the cover below or clicking here.

The Sirius Mystery FREE eBook!!

Mystery Pamphlet by Robert K.G. Temple (free) answers skeptics questions….



Dogon Sirius Resources:

Dr Booker T. Coleman The Dogon in London

Dogon Tribe:

Peaceful Ones, Olmecs, Religion, Yoruba, Po Tolo, Pon polo

The Sirius Mystery: You Don’t Need Columbo For This One

more on the sirius mystery


this music is amazing for Sirius Meditation…. the Music of Clifford White and the Album is Aqua. The name of the Song is Aqua. Special thanks to Dr. Neb Heru Nunologist for leading me to this music during my JOURNEY TO SIRIUS


To learn more about Kemetic Goddesses, read African Religion Vol. 5 The Goddess Path by Dr. Muata Ashby  

there is a spectacular ritual to be done at Sirius Culmination on December 31. Can be done at any time. I am going to observe when I see Sirius this summer for first time… pg 82: Ushet Rekhat: The Mother Worship Ritual

Aign with Cosmic Energies of Sopdu

According to the Kemetians (Ancient African Egyptians), the reason it gets so hot during the Dog Days is because this is the time of the heliacal rising of Sirius: Sirius rises just moments before the sun, this is how we can see it. Just ten days before, Sirius was rising at the same time as the sun: we were not able to see the star because of the light of the sun. In other words, this is the time of year when we are closest to Sirius. The heliacal rising of Sirius was one of the most sacred moments of the year in Ancient Kemet and was used as the basis for beginning the New Year celebrations.


  • Sirius A is twice the size of our sun, while Sirius B is similar in mass to our Sun.
  • In Chinese astronomy the star is known as the star of the “celestial wolf” and Tiānláng
  • It is also Known as “sopdet” to the ancient Egypyians
  • The conjunction of the Sun with Sirius were called “the dog days” in the past and thought to be the hottest time of the year.
  • In the Northern hemisphere, the temperature is said to peak high on August 6th, (middle and peak of the dog days) and low on February 6th. Both these days are considered “cross quarter days” of the year, and occur half way between the equinoxes and solstices.

 Full Text of Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Le Plongeon   from wikipedia: “Augustus Le Plongeon believed that Queen Moo was a historical Mayan queen whose life was documented in the carved bas reliefs, statues and paintings he found at Chichen Itza. He asserted that Moo and her husband, Prince Coh, also known as Chac Mool, were the inspiration for the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. Queen Moo was the eldest daughter of King Canchi and Queen Zoc.[1] She was desired by her brothers, Prince Coh and Prince Aac. She chose Coh as her mate, and Prince Aac killed him in a jealous rage. After Prince Coh’s death, Queen Moo fled to seek refuge in the Land of Mu (also known as Atlantis).[2] When she reached the location where it once was she found that the civilization had disappeared, so she made her way to Egypt.[3] Queen Moo’s name was drawn from the Mayan word for macaw, based on the bird imagery in the Mayan representations of her figure.[4] Le Plongeon took this as further evidence that Moo and Isis were the same figure, as Isis is often represented as a winged figure.[5] Chacmool means jaguar paw[6] and Plongeon believed the great cat was Prince Coh’s symbol. Plongeon claimed that the Egyptian Sphinx, with its cat body and human head, was built by Queen Moo to honor her dead husband.[7] At one time there were only 3 copies of this book left in existence. One is at UT Austin and one is in the Guggenheim Colletion. Thank goodness for the copy machine!!! ”

Sirius Star System & Star Charts

sun and sirius

Sirius Song List:


The Sirius Musical Goddess Page has music, lyrics, and legends!

Ast/Aset/Isis: Kemet: Egyptian Bluez, R U Sirius Enuff, Hekau: Dua Sekhmet, Dua Aset…


Po Tolo and Emma Ya: Mali and the Dogon: again, here is PO TOLO

Yemaya: Nigeria, Yoruba and beyond (including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brasil and more!): COMING SOON!

Chitzen Itza: The Olmec/Maya COMING SOON!


Where the Dog Ran: Tsalagi/Cherokee

and also, LIVE! at Reggae on the River 2010

Sirius the Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project.


The Dog Days of Summer are Over by Florence+ the Machine

Pyramid Alignment

orion giza alignment

Orion Giza Alignment


giza orion alignment

Giza Orion Alignment

BREAKING!!!!!!!!—–The Sirius Star system, Ancient Egypt, the Dogon , and Quantum Physics…. Great Pyramid Statistics “Note the Number of casting stones: 144,000 There are supposedly 144,000 casing stones, all highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches thick and weighing about 15 tons each with nearly perfect right angles for all six sides. Computer calculations indicated 40,745 casing stones were used averaging 40 tons each before the face angle was cut.   Air Shafts Of all the pyramids, only the Great Pyramid has “air shafts”. The King’s Chamber has 2, about 5 inches in diameter which connect to the exterior. The Queen’s Chamber has 2 which stopped just short of the walls of the chamber and which do not penetrate completely to the exterior. The cross section of these shafts are sometimes oval, sometimes domed, and sometimes rectangular. The southern shaft in the Queen’s Chamber (39 deg, 30 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Sirius, circa 2450 B.C. Sirius was associated with the Egyptian goddess Aset (Isis) and is also part of a unique ceremony practiced by the African Dogon tribe.”     The Ancient Connection Between Sirius, Earth and Human History “These ancient people (Egyptians) knew that once every year the Parent Sun is in line with the Dog Star. “Therefore, the Great Pyramid was so constructed that, at this sacred moment, the light of the Dog Star fell upon the square “Stone of God” at the upper end of the Great Gallery, descending upon the head of the high priest, who received the Super Solar Force and sought through his own perfected Solar Body to transmit to other Initiates this added stimulation for the evolution of their Godhood. “This then was the purpose of the ‘Stone of God, whereon in the Ritual, Osiris sits to bestow upon him (the illuminate) the Atf crown or celestial light.’ ‘North and South of that crown is love,’ proclaims an Egyptian hymn. “And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High. [1]”


Pyramid of Giza Guided Meditation

Teotihucan, Mexico: Pyramid of the Sun Guided Meditation

Sirius Rising Birthdays


H.I.M. Haile Selassie July 23

Marcus Mosiah Gatvey August 17


August 5, 1961

All Praisises and Gratitude for The Great Mother Divine Womb Energy and Principle.


M Mer N Khut, In Love and Light, Tchiya Amet El Maat

HeruScopes have arrived…..


Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Great moments in time and space. After all of these years, I am at last able to cast HeruScopes: Olmec Sidereal Readings. What do I mean by this? Heru Scopes: instead of Horus Copes! With this Heru Scope, you will be able to see what lies ahead in truth according to the motion of our Solar System across the Constellations of the Zodiac, rather than seeking truth in lies, as the astrology system we are familiar with surely is all about.

HeruScopes are based on the True Sidereal Astrology System which is based on the actual motions of our Solar System across the Constellations along the Ecliptic. In fact, Sidereal MEANS Star or Stellar. Rather than dividing the sky into 12 equal segments that have been named after constellations, Heru Scopes are based on the actual ephemeris of NASA. An ephemeris is a book of the motions of the planets. It is based upon actual motions and observations, not notions or imaginations.

Now this might sound too technical for you right now, so when you have a moment, after finishing this page, you can learn about
the True Sidereal System here on

Celestial Wisdom: True Zodiac has 13 Signs. Is Ophiuchus in your chart?


Soooo back to HeruScopes ©: Heru Scopes © are based on the True Sidereal System as well as the Olmec Calendar, commonly known as the Mayan Calendar. For more information on this connection, I suggest that you read: Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Plongeon

from Health research, which is where I first learned abut this book:

1900 Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx is a wealth of information. Written over 100 years ago, this rare book contains a translation of language and a comparison of lost cultures. Pythagoras borrowed this knowledge of numbers and their meanings from the Egyptians. They received their science from the Mayas who brought civilization to the banks of the Nile. The ancient Mayas believed in the immortality of the spirit and in reincarnation, as do their descendants to this day. A prize winning gift for yourself or a friend.
(I just realized that you can read the entire text online. This book is included in the Guggenheim Collection. At one time, here were only three copies of the original book left on the planet. Now you can read it online. I am not sure if the free version includes the diagrams, which are a must! This book is a good example of why the printing press was feared by the proponents of world wide ignorance.)

and When Rocks Cry Out by Horace Butler.

Interview with Horace Butler on youtube

blogtalk radio interview

exotic map of the US plus review of When Rocks Cry Out.

Or, you can wait and watch the entire story unfold right here in this blog, right before your eyes. (Horace, Horus, Heru!) This topic has been one of my passions for decades

As it is with Cosmic Sound Healing, HeruScopes  © draws on the Roots, Culture and Spiritual Traditions of Ancient Kemet and other Indigenous Civilizations for the foundation of the legends and myths of the Planets and Celestial Beings, recognizing each one as a Cosmic Force, Neteru, Orisha, etc. reaching back farther than Greek or other European traditions. In fact, Heru Scopes and Cosmic Sound Healing make an excellent package, because once you receive your HeruScope ©, your Cosmic Sound Healing session blueprint will be generated from the reading.


Some of you might be saying, well I am into Vedic Astrology, which is true Sidereal right? Well yes and no. Yes it is Sidereal, but it is not true because it leaves out Imhotep/Ophiuchus. At Heru Scopes, Cosmic Sound Healing, Milky Way records, and Light House NTRPrizes, Tchiya Amet ALWAYS deals with Truth, In fact, the meaning of my middle name, Amet, IS TRUTH. Rise Again Truth!


Thanks to the NASA ephemeris, I can access the Sirius Influences and any other stellar object you are interested in. Like Chiron, Neb Heru (Nibiru). I have found a few other sidereal astrologers, but they do not include Ophiuchus. The only one that I know of is Vasiils Kanatas.

here is a helpful site. maybe my name will be there someday

here is something amazing: the reading for TONITE’S FULL MOON JULY 2014, the birthnite of HeruScopes ©, from the rawgoddessinc,

Full Moon in Sagittarius……… Tehuti’s Wisdom

“Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying my 13 sign astrology articles. This month we have a super full moon! That means the moon is closer to the earth tonight and tomorrow, so you may be experiencing heightened emotional awareness more than usual. Use this time to make sense of all the wisdom and lessons you have accumulated over the years, especially in the last few years. At the end of 2012 for the Mayan Calendar alignment, the ascension process accelerated, the earth and all its inhabitants have been transforming rapidly ever since. That means you! We are now called, for this full moon cycle, to dig deep and find the meaning. Use the wisdom of those lessons and the knowledge you have accumulated to move forward. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the Sage. Traveling, gypsy and wise, Sagittarius in Egyptian astrology is Tehuti or Thoth. Spiritual Wisdom. Knowledge and therefore magic. The Higher Mind. Try to see the bigger picture in your life right now. With faith and the right knowledge anything is possible. Tehuti is the god of magic, wisdom, art, writing and religion. Get deeper into your craft. Search for your purpose. Write it out. A short trip will help the process. It may also be a good time to move to a foreign land and learn something new. Just make sure to remember, traveling starts in the mind. Before you go to sleep tonight, think about where you want to go and who you want to be.

This will be a great exercise for the next 2 weeks, till the new moon. Sagittarius is a wondrous energy. Expect to see abundance and prosperity all around you! Promise yourself that you will expand your horizons in the next few weeks. A positive and hopeful mental attitude is Sagittarius’ main agenda. Let this supermoon guide you to a super optimistic attitude! I promise you will see and feel a difference immediately. The universe is rooting for you right now! Take advantage of this expansive and dynamic star sign. This is my moon sign and I am very thankful for the messages I am receiving right now! (read more at

So, now is the BEST time to get your horoscope because since this is brand new, I am offering 13 complimentary HeruScopes for my Birthday! which is August 5, 2014. So, the first 13 people that contact me before my birthday will receive a free HeruScope. AFTER AUGUST 5, 2014, THE PRICE OF THE HERUSCOPE © WILL BE $13. It will not be at that price for very long, I assure you…..

2015 UPDATE! THIS OFFER HAS ENDED! You can still purchase your HeruScopes© Chart, Reading and/or Consultation at

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Much Love and Light! Tchiya Amet El Maat, which means,
Rise Again Truth of Maat